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Woman arrested for DUI after griping to police

Last updated 7 years ago

Another reason why you should not drink and drive a car, because we become stupid!  In a Denver suburb, a woman drove by an accident scene and decided she didn’t like the way the police officer’s cars were parked in the street. She decided to stop and give ‘them’ cops a piece of her mind.  Apparently the cops had boxed in a suspected DUI driver following an accident and were stopping them from fleeing the scene. 

So the passerby woman stops her car and gets out to tell the officers to move their police car, she becomes belligerent with the officers and whoops, deputy donut detects alcohol on her breath and pops her for DUI/DWI.  Strange, but apparently a well deserved arrest.  Here’s a tip, if you’re going to break the law and drive drunk (never a good idea) you might not want to flaunt that in the face of the police, unless of course you want to be arrested, sleep in a jail cell, lose your license to drive and pay thousands of dollars to get you out of trouble.

There is a delightful DUI Judge in Howard County, Maryland who is famous for saying “it’s the first drink that makes you stupid.” It seems the judge is correct.  Drunk drivers seem to go downhill after the first drink.  In fact, the overwhelming majority of people wouldn’t consider being belligerent to a police officer but when alcohol in involved, it’s strange the things people do and say to cops.  Unfortunately, this type of behavior upsets the judges and juries and can therefore come back to haunt a DUI defendant at trial.  I was recently in trial in Carroll County Maryland and the DWI defendant refused all field sobriety tests as well as the breath test which often makes convicting said person a rather difficult task for the government.  Unfortunately, this defendant mouthed off to the cop quite a bit and the judge determined that his attitude reflected upon his impairment level.  I’m not sure I see the correlation but it’s the judge’s discretion. 

Thus, don’t drink and drive, if you do, don’t stop and talk to the cops voluntarily, if you do, don’t be stupid and mouth off.  Just saying…

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